~ Benefits As An Ambassador ~


·         Permanent sale of 20-40% for ambassadors!


·         For Altus’s ambassadors, a permanent discount of 20% off is promised using your given code! If a purchase is completed within 24 hours after being accepted, a guaranteed discount of 25-30% off on future orders will be awarded to you, furthermore, if 3 or more items are purchased, a 35-40% discount will be awarded to any future orders! *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*


·         One post & One story per month


·         Tag on your post


·         Be an active ambassador!


Ambassadors are required to upload one post & one story per month. must be tagged in each post or story, including a Altus product. In addition, we expect our ambassadors to be active! That does not mean you have to upload multiple posts per day, however we hope you will spread your love of Altus clothing to your friends, relatives, and followers when you can. 


How To Join

·         Carefully read over the instructions above


·          Answer & submit the form in the space provided. 


·         Place an order with your 20-40% discount code within 48 hours after your acceptance. 

When you submit the application form, our team will look through your application. If your application is accepted, we will send you an email usually within 30 minutes  of completion. There are limited seats, so do not wait! If there are any questions, feel free to contact us via Instagram or email us at ;


Instagram ID:

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